Presently, two forms of Krampus seem to be taking shape in North America. We at the Krampus Army want to meet the demand for both!

About our Books-

Krampus 1 -A Krampus Night before Christmas – 2012 – It is the Future. The population of the earth has grown and there are too many spoiled brats in the world for Santa to handle by himself. The entire naughty list is given to Krampus by Santa Claus and he is given his very own sleigh that is pulled by 8 Scary reindeer!

A whopping 40 illustrations! And an Origin Story!

Krampus 2- A Visit from Krampus – 2013 –A Visit from Krampus is a traditional take on the original Krampus tale where a large group of Krampus are accompanied by St. Nick and descend upon a house of two spoiled brats and help them appreciate the true meaning of Christmas!

Bonus illustrations and limited signed copies are available!