We at the Krampus Workshop believe Krampus is for Everyone, but especially for kids! Our book is especially for children and is crafted to be as scary as possible but not too scary! We are striving to make Krampus a regular part of Christmas festivities worldwide!

A Visit from Krampus is our second Krampus book. It is a scary traditional tale about A group of Krampus’s that descend upon a house of two spoiled brats at Christmas time!

Our book has 20 pages of full color illustrations+bonus illustrations and three double page spreads.

We have fans 7+up that carry their dog eared book around with them throughout the year.

Order through our Etsy Shop- Krampus Workshop and your copy will be signed by the author. Each purchase comes with a bonus gift! Visit out etsy shop: Krampus Workshop to see more!

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