The Krampus Night before Christmas is our best selling first Krampus book. In this story, Krampus plays the part of an “anti Santa” and visits the house of two spoiled brats at Christmas time.

In Krampus Night before Christmas, the population of the earth has grown and there are way too many spoiled brats in the world for Santa to deal with by himself. The entire naughty list is given to Krampus by Santa Claus. Krampus is given his very own sleigh pulled by 8 scary reindeer to help him travel around the world to punish misbehaved children!

The Krampus Night Before Christmas has a whopping 40 full colour illustrations and includes an origin story. Order through our Etsy Shop- Krampus Workshop and your copy will be signed by the author. Each purchase comes with a bonus gift! Visit out etsy shop: Krampus Workshop to see more!

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