Octoberpus is our third book and is a prequel to our first two books: The Krampus Night before Christmas and a Visit from Krampus.

Octoberpus is about what happens to Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage after midnight.

The story follows Trick or Treaters through the town of Squashington on Halloween night. Every year the town bullies harass the younger trick or treaters and steal their candy. But this year, Octoberpus intervenes to stop the bullies to save the bullied trick or treaters and restore the magic of Halloween.

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If you are looking for something new and are tired of seeing outdated Halloween and Christmas Stories in bookstores, Our books: Octoberpus, The Krampus Night before Christmas and A Visit from Krampus are for you!

Octoberpus is a scary story for all ages. Octoberpus has 48 pages of beautiful, full color illustrations. Visit out etsy shop: Krampus Workshop to see more!

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